The Team

The Actors

These talented artists are family. Our success has everything to do with the performances of these fine actors.

Elisa Vasquez

There is not a single person more worthy of recognition to the success of LA Motion Pix than the uber-talented Elisa Vasquez. Elisa has graced nearly every production we have made from the beginning. Her professionalism, talent and personality has pushed the quality of our productions begging to be noticed.

More often than not Mrs. Vasquez can be seen kicking ass in such roles as Lea in "Time Changes Everything" and Denise in "Dead Vengeance." Not to be type-casted, she also appears in the hilarious, "No Ordinary Ranch."

The entire team can not be more proud of her accomplishments and success.


rep: Big Fish Talent


IMDb: Elisa Vasquez (II)

Mockside: Video

Daniel Langhoff

Daniel Langhoff like Elisa has been with LA Motion Pix from the beginning. With an amazing resume that consists of leads in hit theater shows such as "I Love You, Your Perfect, Now Change" and "Five Course Love" Dan brings an unmatched range of talent to LAMP.

You can catch Langhoff stealing the movie as Sargent Hennesy in LAMP's "Dead Vengeance" and you can see him in the upcoming short film "Bouquet of Consequence" which is slated for release later this year.

It's an honor to call Daniel Langhoff an incredible friend and teammate to LA Motion Pix.


rep: Donna Baldwin Agency


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Interview: "Five Course Love"

Meggie Maddock

In the vein of "What the Bleep Do You Know!?" Meggie teamed up with LA Motion Pix with fortuitous timing to grab the lead for "Bouquet of Consequence." Ms. Maddock is in every sense a rising star and we are truly blessed to work with her.

Meggie's committment is unmatched and her talent is readily apparent. A diverse actor, Meggie has embraced the role of Rachel, bringing the realism absolutely necessary to carry her role as an unfortunate woman of consequence.


rep: Big Fish Talent


IMDb: Meggie Maddock

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Courtney Capek

Jake Williamson

Jeremiah Demoss

Peter Yellen

Cathy Washburn