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twitter: @wfsterling

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imdb: William Francis Sterling


Bill Sterling

Producer—Art Director—Gaffer—Musician

Bill Sterling is a versatile, creative artist with a passion for design. Bill brings a decade of creative direction in multimedia to LA Motion Pix. He most recently was the Art Director for both "Dead Vengeance" and "Time Changes Everything."

Though successful today juggling multiple hats, Sterling's early life, strangely, was rife with artistic conflict. Bouncing between visual arts and music, he left art school and fronted a series of musical adventures—one of which took him across the country a la Jack Kerouac. After many bars, radio shows and disgruntled band members, Sterling went back to school and completed his BFA in Studio Arts.

From then on, Sterling focused on the digital medium. Moving from editor to lead editor to special effects artist, his career gained momentum in the early 2000's when multimedia became a term to describe artists with multiple skills.

Today, Bill is focused on pushing LA Motion Pix into the mainstream fray. Like everyone else on the team, Bill uses his experience and diverse skills to help drive the type of quality LAMP is recognized for—proving how a small team, in the hands of the right people, can create something powerful.