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imdb: Brad Lupher

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Brad Lupher


Brad Lupher is the oldest of three brothers. He has always been facinated by motion pictures and began making short films as a hobby at an early age. Throughout his life Brad has alway possessed a creative desire and love of art, which led him to take college courses in graphic design and commercial art. It wasn't until later in his life while working closely with his brother, Travis Lupher, on several college movie projects that Brad realized his true passion was not only to create pictures... but motion pictures. Together the two were able to produce an impressive body of work and ultimately started their own business.

Brad's keen eye and attention to detail, along with Travis's vast knowledge and impeccable talent has raised their little company to the premier level of the colorado wedding industry. They have worked alongside and become peers to some of the top professionals in photography and event planning in the country. Brad's experience over the past ten years has allowed him to grow vastly as a cinematographer and allows him to feel perfectly at home behind the camera. Brad is excited for the opportunity to work as a part of the well oiled machine that is LA Motion Pix. Together there is no limit to what they can achieve.