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CJ Baar

Still Photographer—Technician—Sound Design

Always behind the scenes, CJ is the quiet genius of the group. Jumping in to preserve the events no one else would ever believe truly happened, it is CJ's work that provides proof to the incredible moments LAMP has experienced on the set. What started as a desire to have pictures to look back on has turned into a necessity we can not live without.

CJ comes to LAMP after three years of working with Travis and Bill. After attending his first shoot during the incredible days of "The Cool Ranch," we have been endebted to his services. It is CJ's work that graces most of the pages of our gallery and will continue to do so on every project hench forth. But like every other team member, CJ has another talent... another super power that makes LAMP the most formidable studio in the west. His understanding with technology is unmatched and we are very lucky to have him.